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Deacon Tim Foster

Deacon Tim Foster is originally from Cochrane, Ontario. He settled into Astorville, Ontario in 1986. Together with his wife, Suzanne, they have raised a beautiful family of four children, and now have three grandchildren. Tim worked as an Ontario Provincial Police officer for most of his working career. He is also an avid sportsman, having been involved in hockey as an OHL referee for a number of years and now regularly trains for half-marathon running. Tim used to spend much more of his time at the hockey rink, but now says that the church is his new devotion. He sincerely enjoys contributing to the parish and seeing the members of our community grow in their Catholic faith.

St. Thomas d'Aquin
  • In April 1886, Monsignor Narcisse Zephirin Lorrain, bishop of Pontiac, granted permission to the
    settlers of the head of Lake Nosbonsing to construct a small chapel on Lot 19 Concession 2 in East
    Ferris.  A lot of one-half acre was donated by Joseph Alphonse Levesque for this purpose.  A small
    chapel was built near the shores of Lake Nosbonsing by Pierre Guillemette and a crew of
    labourers. Father Thomas-Georges Gagnon of Bonfield celebrated the first Mass in this chapel. In
    October of 1886, Joseph Guillemette and Armanda Robert, were the first to be wed in the chapel.
    In the Spring of 1887, Monsignor Lorrain named the new parish, “St Thomas d’Aquin".

  • By 1902, the parish had grown in numbers and required larger premises. Father Antonin Astor oversaw the construction of a new church, where he was priest from 1902 to 1916. It is from Father Astor that the village « Astorville » has been named.  In 1904, the church burnt to the ground. With much determination, the people of Astorville immediately banded together to rebuild the church. In 1966, the church structure was demolished and made way for the construction by Andre Rochefort of a new and what is known as the current house of God of today.

  • Since its foundation in 1902, St Thomas d’Aquin Parish continues to be a location of worship for
    our Lord, a gathering area for parishioners and the location of many marriages, baptisms, funerals
    and other sacraments for the people of Astorville and its surrounding area.

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