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Angel Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Christmas is a wonderful time to share with friends and family and think of loved ones both present and past. This year, as a way to commemorate and celebrate those special people, you will be able to sponsor a bulb or strand of lights in their name on the village Christmas tree! Reserve your lights for $5 a bulb.

On December 6, 2020 at 6 p.m., Saint Thomas d’Aquin Parish will host a spectacular lighting of the tree event, with the Village Choir singing your favourite Christmas classics. Hot chocolate and cookies will be served.

This is a great event for all! Show your support for the Saint Thomas d’Aquin Parish, sponsor a light today by clicking on the GIVE button below or by contacting

Please Note: If you so choose, we ask that you put the names of those you wish to honour with your donation in the Note/Memo section of the online donation form.

To read our Frequently Asked Questions about the online donation process, please click here.

Thank you to those who have sponsored a light on our tree! The lights will shine brightly in honour of the following people:

Father Antonin Astor

Helen Allhusen

Arthur & Olivia Audet

Gérard Ayotte*

Louise Ayotte

Noël Ayotte

Rose Marie Ayotte

Sylvia Ayotte*

Victor Ayotte*

René de Bernardi

Doug Ball

Karen Ball

John Bastien

Julia Bastien 

François Beaudet

Dr Jacques Beaudet

Father Lucien Beaudoin

Jules Beaulieu

Delima Beaupré*

Edouard Beaupré*

Jos Beaupré*

Robert Bettiol

André Bessette

Anita Bessette

Beatrice Bessette

Francis Bessette

Gerald Bessette*

Monique Bessette

Philias & Elizabeth Bessette

Ronald Bessette

Simone Bessette

Yolande Bélanger

Pierre Blais

Richard Blais

Bill Boudreau

Emile Boudreau

Harry Boudreau

James Boudreau*

Jacques Boudreau

Lucie Boudreau

Marie Anna Boulanger

Maurice Boulanger

Victor Boulanger

Bernard Bogue Sr.

John Boque*

Henriette Boque

Mary Boque

Paulette Boucher

Betty Brassard

Tom Brassard

Mr & Mrs Brazeau

Louise Brousseau

Roland Brunet

Georgette Buchanan

Henri Buckner

Lucille Buckner

Yvonne Buckner

Donny Campbell

Maurice Campbell

Noella Cardinal

Léo Cardinal

Father Denis Carrier, p.m.é.

Barb Champagne

Donat Champagne*

Jackie Champagne

Leonel Champagne

Marguerite Champagne*

Paulette Champagne

Percy & Fernande Champagne

Régean Clément

Steve Clement

Lise Collins

Shelley Contant-Molnar

Betty Coote

Jack Coote

Terry Coote

Elmire Corbeil

Maurice Corbeil

Sylvain & Marie-Reine Corbeil

Father Michael Costello

Lorne & Fred Crain

Doug Cushing

Wayne Cushing

René De Bernardi

Tom Daly

Ida Deanault

Oliver Deanault

Father  J. Debont

Annette Dégagné*

Joseph Degagné

​Réal Degagné

Roland Degagné

Marguerite Degagné

Olem & Marie Degagné

Valeda Degagné

Ed Delamorandian

Bernadette Desjardins

Murray and Ruth Devanney

Marie Lebel-Devost

Marjorie Dobbie

Helene Donald

Noah Dugas 

Émile Dupuis

Joseph & Gertrude Ethier

Father Merlyn Ethier

The Gauthier Family

Deacon Terry Farrell

Mr & Mrs Fitzgerald

Edgar Fortin

Yvette Fortin

Béatrice Fournelle-Ouellette

Gerald Michael Foster

Robert Foster

Wilfred Foster SR

Wilfred Foster JR

Oscar Gagné

Adeland Gauthier

Delhia Gauthier

Délima Gauthier-Bessette

Donat Gauthier

Edouard Gauthier

Elzear Gauthier

Gerald & Eleonard Gauthier

Hector Gauthier*

Jean Paul Gauthier

Father Lorrain Gauthier

Father Marc Gauthier

Normand Gauthier

Omar Gauthier*

Rhea Gauthier

Walter Gauthier

Yves Gervais

Élise Giroux

Gérald Giroux*

Gabrielle Groulx

Father H. Grenier

Rita Groulx

André Guillemette

Claude Guillemette

Denis Guillemette

DesNeige Guillemette

Father Nil Guillemette

Brian & Matilda Haight

Irwin & Audrey Hamilton

Kevin Haskin

Elizabeth Horvath

Armande Kadikoff

Ross and Grace Kearns

Angeline Kirkey

James Kirkey

Claudette Kretz

Gérald Labelle

Yvon Lacelle

Armand Lacourse

Gene Lacoursière

Marie Anna Lacoursière

Bill & Leah Lacroix

Edgar & Régina Lacroix

Jean-Paul & Jaqueline Lacroix

Albina et Réjeanne Laferrière

Aimé & Antoinette Laferrière*

Joseph Laferrière

Monique Laferrière*

Napoleon et Georgina Laferrière

Alexandra Lafontaine

Conrad Lafontaine

Dan Lafontaine

Fernande Lalane

Georgette Lamarche

Hector Lamarche

Rhéal Lamarche

Robert Lamarche

Roland Lamarche

Roseanne Lamarche

Yvette Lamarche

Henri Laperrière*

Joseph Laperrière Jr.

Joseph Laperrière Sr.

Louis Laperrière

Rosalie Laperrière

Alphonse Laporte*

Aurèle Laporte*

Edouard & Marie Laure Laporte*

Elise Laporte*

Roger Laporte*

Régean Larouche

Marcel Latour

Father  J.A. Latourrelle

Aline Lauttre

Marion Lavigne

Gérald Lebel

Vernon Leacy

The Ledoux Family

Donald Ledoux

Fernande Ledoux

Glorida Ledoux

Hormida Ledoux

Mathilde Ledoux

Rose Ledoux

Estelle Lefebvre

Donatien Lefebvre

Honore & Louise Lefebvre

Courtney Letton

Donna Lowe

Jeffrey Mandaglio

Chantal Martel

Marguerite Martel

Normand Martel

Lorne Martin

Nobert Mayotte

Barbara Mashinter

Kenneth & Valentine McCharles

​Kenneth Junior McCharles

Father John McElligott

Robert McGirr

Patrick McGlynn

Barry McKinley

Lorraine McKinley

Joshua Miller

Wayne Miller Sr.

Steven Molnar

Léona Morin

Bernadette Murphy

Daniel Nadon Sr.

Mom & Dad Nadon

Michel Nadon

Richard Nadon

Jim Nunner 

Alfred Ouellette

Agnes Ouellette

Claudia Ouellette

Ernest Ouellette

Evelyn Ouellette-Gauthier

Jeanne d'Arc Ouellette-Céré

Jean-Paul Ouellette

Gilbert Ouellette

Laurier Ouellette

Liliane Ouellette

Étienne Papineau

Fern Papineau

Michel Papineau

Rita Papineau

Roger Papineau

Roland Papineau

Jean Paradis

Mike Pickoski

Maurice Pepin

Rev. Oscar Perrier

Adrien Perron

Aurèl Perron*

Denyse Perron

Emma Perron*

Gabriel Perron

Hector Perron*

Henri Perron*

Joseph Perron

Louis Perron

Marie Perron

Monique Perron

Robert Perron

Rolande Perron

Little Ron Perron

Mike Pickoski

Alphonse Point

Éva Point

Hervé Point

Father Fernand Proulx, o.m.i.

Daniel & Noëlla Rancourt*

Guy Rancourt

Jeannette Renaud

Aline Robert

Simone Robinson

Adjutor Rochefort

Alice Rochefort*

Aurore Rochefort

Blanche Rochefort

Cécile Rochefort

Edmond & Beatrice Rochefort

Grégoire Rochefort*

Hector Rochefort

Henriette & Wilfrid Rochefort

Jeanne Rochefort

Jules Rochefort

Laurent & Laurette Rochefort

Léon Rochefort

Marion Rochefort

Marthe Rochefort

Michel Rochefort

Norman Rochefort*

Roland Rochefort

Rolande Rochefort*

Thérèse Rochefort

Wilfrid Rochefort

Yvonne Rochefort

Dino Roveda

Pep Roveda

Gabrielle Roy*

Joan Roy

Lorrain Roy

Steven Roy

Olga Rudge

Jean Sevigny

Thomas Shields*

Marie Laure Shields*

Father T.L. Sloan

Eleanor Somerville

Percy Somerville

Eugene Soulière

Phylis Soulière

Emmanuel St. Jean

Louise St. Jean

Cyprien St Martin

Pearl St Martin

Aldège St Pierre

Aurel St Pierre*

Bernadette St Pierre

Daddy Ray St. Pierre

David St Pierre

Gérald St Pierre

Lea St Pierre

Maurice St Pierre

Rhéal St Pierre

Roland St Pierre

Rolly St Pierre

Richard St Pierre

Ricky St Pierre

Anita Sullivan

Flora Taillefer

René Taillefer

Julien Tancrede

Diane Tobler

Laurent Trahan

Jeanine Therrien

Francine Townsend

Buny Turgeon

Georgette Turgeon

Homer Turgeon

Leo Turgeon

Lucy Turgeon

Mémére Turgeon

Missy Goodyear

Muriel Turgeon

Tonie Turgeon

David Turgeon

Marie Turgeon

Norma Ubana

Victoria V.

Armand Vaillancourt

Leo Villeneuve

Pierrette Villeneuve

Rita Villeneuve

Conrad Voyer

Leo & Albina  Voyer*

Maurice Voyer

Michel Voyer Jr.*

Robert Voyer*

Gerald Waghorn

Cécile Ward

Harry Weiskopf

Edward & Madeline Weiler

Jerry Weiler

Aaron Wied

- For all my 13 clients I lost to O.D.

- All our Knights who have passed away

- Deceased parents Shield Family and Beaupré Family

-Deceased parents  Lindsay

- Deceased parents Lafontaine

- All Friends of Purgatory

- For Families: Thibault, Smith, Morel, Burke

- Lamarche family, Plouffe family

- Hotte family and Champagne family

- In memory of Kurtis Schoen - our son, grandson, brother, brother-in-law and especially was an amazing uncle. Always remembered but never forgotten. DO IT FOR THE STORY!

- In Loving Memory of our Dear Brother and Son Joshua Miller may you rest in Peace


- In memory of Suzanne Hubert

- In memory of Sarah Campbell

- In Memory Of Homer & Jeannine Ouellette

- In memory Henri & Lucie Boudreau

- In Memory of Antoinette Laferrière


- For our much loved and missed uncle Bob Baker Ernest and Rachel Chiasson Art and Diane Baker

- In Memory of Aunts and Uncles of the Degagné Family

- Rhéal Champagne, and all other members of our families.

- Anonymous Donations

-In honour of St. Jude

* a star means several lights have been donated for the angel

For the living

Aunts and Uncles of the Degagné Family

Jayden Alger

Owen Groulx

Charlotte Guimond

Noah Guimond

Ava Nowry

Ethan Nowry

Fiona Paul

Suzanne & Doug Kearns

Yvonne Patterson

Paul & Mona Rochefort 

André & Denise Rochefort

Pauline Rochefort & Ronald Roy,

Bernard Rochefort

Rhéaume & Francine Rochefort,

Lucie & André Laperrière

Carmen & Wilfrid Weiskopf

Father Réal Ouellette


Father Mitchell Beachey

Father Jean Paul Rochefort

Jeannine Leduc-Paradis

Jean-Marie Ouellette

Carmen Ouellette

Robert Paquette

Lise Paquette

Jean-Gilles Paquette

Jannik Paquette

Joël Paquette


Martin Ouellette

Brigitte Ouellette

Nathaniel Ouellette

Alexandre Ouellette

Jasmine Ouellette

Joanie Ouellette


Daniel Perron

Jacynthe Perron

Josée Perron

Danika Perron

Sophie Perron


Father Jean-Marc Raymond

Father Cyril Okebanama

Father Rhéal Perron

Father Ronald Perron s.j.

Guy & Carol Rochefort

Robert & Amélie Rochefort

Justin Rochefort

Claude & Lucienne Rochefort

Gilbert & Lynn Rochefort

Yvon & Cynthia Rochefort

Rodolphe & Teresa Rochefort

Ron & Raymonde Moore

Melodie Coulombe, France Aurore, Theodore Emile, Arielle and Madeline,

Emile Fournier, Gerald Labelle, Gilles Labelle, Yollande Belisle and Louis Mainville

Bernard and Beverly Bessette

Boucher Family 

Jamie & Aline Coote, Benoît Coote, Gabrielle Coote & Justin Chicoine, Dominic Coote & Amanda Lonsdale

Olivier Coote & Brielle Luxton-Lonsdale


ABC parishes represents the Catholic churches of Astorville, Bonfield and Corbeil in the East Nipissing area of Northeastern Ontario. We are a strong Christian community, providing a place of faith, worship and support for friends and family in our region. Everyone is welcome!


Saint Thomas d’Aquin Church     
P.O. Box 130, 1389 Village Road    
Astorville, Ontario P0H 1B0
T - 705-752-1775
French mass - Sundays, 10:30 a.m.

Saint Bernadette Church            

P.O. Box 70

Bonfield, Ontario P0H 1E0

T – 705-776-2244
Bilingual mass - Sundays, 9 a.m.

Sacred Heart Church                 
1994 Corbeil Road

Corbeil, Ontario P0H 1K0

T – 705-752-1775
Bilingual mass – Saturdays 4:30 p.m.

Bilingual mass – Saturday 4:30 p.m.

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