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Angel Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Christmas is a wonderful time to share with friends and family and think of loved ones both present and past.

This year, as a way to commemorate and celebrate those special people,

you will be able to sponsor a bulb or strand of lights in their name on the village Christmas tree!

Reserve your lights for $5 a bulb.

(Reserve 10 lights for 40$.

Reserve 20 lights for 75$.)

On November 28, 2021 at 8 p.m.,

Saint Thomas d’Aquin Parish will host a spectacular lighting of the tree event.

The event will take place after

a concert at 6 p.m. featuring Fritz Larivière and Les Gens du Nord

(tickets on sale for the concert, follow this link -

Please note that according to provincial Covid health guidelines, you have to present a 

proof of vaccination in order to attend the concert.

This is a great event for all!

Attending only the lighting of the tree outside does not require a ticket.

Show your support for the Saint Thomas d’Aquin Parish,

sponsor a light today using our online Square Store

by clicking :


or by contacting

Please Note: You will be asked to provide the names for whom you want the lights shining.

If you prefer to keep those names anonymous, please write so in place of the names.

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Thank you to those who have sponsored a light on our tree! The lights will shine brightly in honour of the following people:



Helen Allhusen

Angel Baby


Simone Babin

Doug Ball *

Karen Ball *

Mr. Mme Maurice Barbeau

Nolan Bean

Riley Bean

Alex Beaupré

André Beaupré

Delima Beaupré

Edouard Beaupré

Elizabeth Beaupré

Erik Beaupré

Joseph Beaupré

Steph Beaupré

Béatrice Bessette

Gerry (Gérald) Bessette

Roger Bessette

Marta Betik

Frank Betik

Aimée Blondin

Philip Boideek

Henriette Boque

John Boque Jr

Mary Noreen Boque

Paulette Boucher

Alice Bouffard

René Bouffard

Stanislas Bouffard

Emile Brabant

Ozaus Brabant

Mike Brown

Xavier Brown

Claude Brule

Georgette Buckanan

Léo Cardinal*

Noëlla Cardinal*

Jeanne l'Arc Ouellette-Céré

Barb Champagne

Donat Champagne

Fernande Champagne

Marguerite Champagne

Percy Champagne

Justin Chicoine

Bernard Connolly

Dorothy Connolly

Mark Connolly

Grace & Lorne Conrad

Alain Contant

Bjorn Mabley-Cook

Hunter Mabley-Cook

Aline Coote

Benoît Coote

Betty Coote

Dominic Coote

Gabrielle Coote
Jack Coote

Jamie Coote

Olivier Coote

Terry Coote

Maurice Corbeil

Sylvain & Marie Reine Corbeil

Laurette Corneillier

Doug Cushing

Père DeBon

Ida Deanault

Oliver Deanault

Dan Degagne

Jessica Degagne

Joseph Degagné

Marcel Degagné

Paul Degagne

Raymonde Degagne

Valeda Degagné

Bernadette Desjardins

Carrie Delongchamp

Rita Delorme

Shirley Desordie

Alice Desrosier

Ovila Desrosier

Jordan Duplessis

Joseph & Gertrude Ethier

Trevor Etmanski

Jacques Fiautrault

Travis Foreshew

Florentine Gagne

Joseph Gagne

Josh Gagne

Vince Gagne

Roberte Gagne-McRae

Adelard Gauthier

Cleophose Gauthier

Delia Gauthier

Edouard Gauthier

Eveline Gauthier

Exina Gauthier

Père Gauthier

Hector Gauthier

Joseph A. Gauthier

Marie Gauthier

Mona Gauthier

Paul Gauthier

Theresa Gauthier

Walter Gauthier

Roger Gauvreau (Al)

Don Giroux

Gérald Giroux*

Jack Giroux*

Régina Giroux*

Jean Gleason

Alcide Groulx

Camille Groulx

Camille Jr Groulx

Carmen Groulx

Chantal Groulx

Christine Groulx

Christine Groulx

Denis Groulx

Emile Groulx

Kamryn Groulx

Lydia Groulx

Pauline Groulx

Sophie Groulx

Edith Grosvernor

Harold Grosvenor Sr.

Harold Grosvenor

André Guillemette

Desneignes Guillemette

Henri Guillemette

Roger Guillemette*


Kevin Haskins

Brenda Hurst

Lance Janusz

Justin Jeanneault

Asher Jeffrey

Isaac Jeffrey

Carole Jeffrey

Olivia Jeffrey

Annette Johnson

Zack Johnson

Elaine Kemper

Herman Kemper

Tim LaCelle

Edgar & Regina Lacroix

Jean-Paul & Jacqueline Lacroix

Aimé Laferrière*

Antoinette Laferrière*

Monique Laferrière

Moe Laframboise

Georgette Lamarche

Rhéal Lamarche

Robert Lamarche

Marthe Lamontagne

Devon Landry

Hector Landry

Henri Landry

Cecile Laperrière

Delia Laperrière

Denis Laperrière

Eric Laperrière

Henri Laperrière*

Joseph Laperrière*

Oscar Laperrière

Rhéal Laperrière

Rosalie Laperrière*

Simone Laperrière

Wilfrid Laperrière

Wilfrid Sr. Laperrière

Aurele Laporte

Edouard Laporte

Léo Laporte

Marie-Laure Laporte

Tyler Laporte

Victoria Laporte

Christopher Laronde

James Laronde

Joanne Leblond

Juliette Leblond

Charles Ledoux

Donald Ledoux

Dorval Ledoux

Elvida Ledoux

Fernande Ledoux*

Mathilde Ledoux

Rose Ledoux

Francis Lefebvre

Erik Lepkan

John MacDonald

Sandie MacDonald

Linda MacPhee

Ty Maurice

Brian Mason

Paul McMurray

Scott Mills

Warren Milne

Family Morin

Pierre Morisette


Marc Nadon

Lyle Nestler

Jim Nunner


Aidain Ogilvie

Lexi Ogilvie


Alfred Ouellette

Agnes Ouellette

Béatrice Fournelle-Ouellette

Claudia Ouellette

Ernest Ouellette

Gilbert Ouellette

Jean-Paul Ouellette

Laurier Ouellette

Betty Overholster

Jean Paradis

Arnel Perron*

Aurel Perron

Adrien Perron

Bernadette Perron

Camille Perron

Emma Perron

Hector Perron

Henri Perron

Kim Perron

Liliane Perron

Louis Perron

Nicole Perron

Paul-Emile Perron

Philip Perron

Pierre Perron

Rollande Perron

Ronald Perron

Ron Perron

Scott Perry

Bernard Pfundt*

Marthe Pfundt*

Cody Poitras

William Porter

Daniel Power *

Kelly Pratt

Cora Rancourt

Damas Rancourt

Daniel Rancourt*

Guy Rancourt*

Noella Rancourt*

Eleonard Rancourt

Marc-André Rancourt

Brigitte Ranger

Chris Ranger

Danika Ranger

Jade Ranger

Mathieu Ranger

Carter Reichstein

Adjutor Rochefort

Alice Rochefort*

Aurore Rochefort*

Bernard Rochefort

Blanche Rochefort*

Roland Rochefort*

Rolande Rochefort*

Brian Rousseau

Gabrielle Roy*

Gérald Roy

Lorrain Roy

Raymond Roy

Ronald Roy

Steven Roy


Tom Sale

Terry St.Amour

Emmanuel-Louise-Lionel St-Jean

Aldege St Pierre

Mr. Mme Eldège St Pierre

Aurel St Pierre*

Bernadette St Pierre

David St Pierre

Lea St Pierre

Liliane St Pierre

Maurice St Pierre

Rhéal St Pierre*

Richard St Pierre*

Roland St Pierre*

Annie Smith

Helen Smith

Georgette Turgeon

Homer Turgeon

Léo Turgeon

Lucy Turgeon

Maurice Turgeon

Muriel Turgeon

Oliver Turgeon

Danny Vaillancourt

Debbie Vaillancourt

Nick Vaillancourt

Lillian Valiquette

Louise Valiquette

Addie VanDenBerg

Bev VanDenBerg

John VanDenBerg

John VanDenBerg Sr.

Benjamin Vincent

Emile Vincent

Jeannette Vincent

Bobby Vossen

Alvina Voyer

Leo Voyer

Michel Voyer Jr.*

Michel Voyer Sr.*

Owen Whaley

The deceased of Astorville

The deceased of Bonfield


The deceased people of Covid


The Champagne, Fernande & Percy Family


The Bernadette, Perron & Philip Family


The Louise & Rolland Boissonneault Family


The Family Lacoursière


All Deceased Souls

The lost children

Staff at Groulx Equipment

Business Sponsors

Bernard Rochefort Limited

Degagne Carpentry

Groulx Equipment

Knights of Columbus

Perron Freshmart

Perron TimberMart

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